School Counselor License in Wyoming

Wyoming school counselors receive their licenses from the Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB). The license may be issued for all grades K-12 or for one of the following grade bands: K-6, 5-8, or 6-12.

School counseling is considered a related services endorsement. Licensure is based on education.

PTSB notes that as related services professionals, counselors can legally be employed under licenses issued by the Mental Health Professions Licensing Board. However, a PTSB-issued license may be required at the district level.

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Educational Requirements

School counseling is a master's level profession. State rule mandates completion of an approved school counseling program. The graduate will need to secure an institutional recommendation.

PTSB utilizes standards set by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) in approving programs (

Individuals who are considering online programs will need to make sure that the school is accredited by a recognized accrediting agency and that the program is license-qualifying in the state where it is located (

As per Chapter 2, Section 8 of PTSB Rules and Regulations, a related services professional who is licensed in his or her discipline can provide evidence of licensure in place of transcripts or institutional recommendation from an approved program ( Counseling licenses are awarded by the Mental Health Professions Licensing Board.

Constitution Coursework/ Examination Requirement

Wyoming requires that all educators either take coursework in the U.S. and Wyoming constitutions or pass an examination on the content. Constitution coursework should include history. The Board notes, though, that political science coursework can be accepted as meeting the U.S. Constitution requirement in some instances.

Examinations are administered at the Board office and at school district administrative offices. An out-of-state applicant may request that a local faculty member or school administrator be allowed to proctor the examination. Requests should be sent by email to ‘ptsbtemp at’.

The minimum passing score is 75%.

Background Check Requirement

First-time applicants must have their fingerprints made. The fingerprints are to be captured on standard FBI cards. The Board will accept fingerprints made at any law enforcement agency. Often the cards will be available on-site. If they will not be available at the fingerprinting site, the applicant can request them from the Professional Teaching Standards Board. Cards must be completed in black ink.

There is a $50 fingerprint processing fee.

The Board notes that individuals who have had fingerprints made for PTSB-issued substitute permits do not have to go through the process again.

The Application Process

Application forms can be downloaded from the PTSB website ( School counselors will use the same application as teachers. Those who are already licensed in some capacity will use the "Add Endorsements" packet while those who are not will use the “Initial or Reinstatement” packet. Applicants are asked to make sure that they have the most current version of the application. If they do not download it directly from the Board website, they can compare the date stamps; these are located in the bottom right corner.

Applicants are asked to include their supporting documents in the same envelope as the application.

The dean or certifying officer will fill out the verification form and return it to the applicant.

The Board will also require official transcripts from all schools where license-qualifying coursework was taken. Photocopied, downloaded, or faxed transcripts are not accepted. However, there is no requirement that transcripts be in their original sealed envelopes.

Both fingerprint cards are to be submitted. The cards may not be folded or stapled.

The application includes questions about criminal history and professional history (for example, investigations and disciplinary actions). Applicants who answer "yes" to any of these questions will need to provide signed statements. They will also provide copies of supporting documents such as judgments or court documents.

The application fee is $150 for in-state graduates and $200 for out-of-state graduates. (In-state status is determined by the school, not the address where the applicant resides.)

Documentation should be mailed to the address listed below:

Professional Teaching Standards Board
1920 Thomes Avenue, Suite 400
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Incomplete application packets are returned to sender.

Applicants for initial licensure can expect a processing time of approximately six to eight weeks during the academic year and eight to twelve weeks during the summer. Those who have already gone through the background check process typically enjoy shorter processing times. Applicants can find information about current processing time by checking the hourglass on the PTSB website.

Out-of-State Candidates

Out-of-state applicants must submit copies of all licenses held in the prior six years. They will also submit verification of employment.

A professional certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards can have a notation of certification made on his or her license.

Additional Information

The Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board ( can be reached by telephone at 307-777-7291.

The Wyoming School Counselor Association is not involved with the licensing process, but serves as an additional professional resource (

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